Chris Jackson was born and raised in Southern California and continues to make this idyllic place his home. After traveling the world and earning his commission in the U.S. Navy, he returned to Orange County for law school. During his studies and immediately following his acceptance to the California Bar, he managed to find the time to marry a beautiful bride and father an amazing son. An avid athlete, Chris enjoys water polo, swimming, surfing, SCUBA diving, and football.

Chris' legal experience is focused strictly on Family and Fertility law. After spending 4 years as a law clerk for a boutique family law firm, he was hired on as an associate at the same firm after joining the bar. He would later move on to a prestigious multi-state firm based on Orange County to continue building his experience in Family Law. In order to better facilitate his clients and provide flexibility in the office and at home, Chris started Shorebreak Law in 2016. 

Throughout his entire career, Chris has zealously represented his clients in every type of case. This includes full service divorce, limited scope actions, parentage actions, community property disputes, child custody and visitation, and domestic violence. Having served a wide range of clients from limited means to multi-millionaires, Chris is well versed in every facet of family law and can help you bring your case to a positive resolution.

In addition to Family Law, Chris is dedicated to helping parents and surrogate mothers proceed down the exciting and complex road of Alternative Reproduction. Surrogacy has been an integral part of Chris' life, as his mother was a two-time surrogate herself and has dedicated her career towards providing guidance to others in this journey. Also, Chris' wife was an egg donor who has helped a happy couple grow their family from two to six. Surrogacy is a passion of Chris' and he hopes that he can continue helping provide the ultimate gift to loving parents.