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A dissolution of marriage terminates your status as a married person. This can affect your ability to remarry, file taxes as a single person, and more.

Premarital Agreements


A well written premarital agreement can save you thousands of dollars and lots of heartache in the event of a divorce.

Mediation and Collaborative Law


Divorce via mediation or collaborative law can save tens of thousands of dollars. While mediation is not for everyone, people who are able to mediate or collaborate find the divorce process to be an easier, less stressful experience.

Child Custody and Visitation
Nothing is more important than your children, and determining child custody and visitation is often the most contentious aspect of any family law matter. 
Child Support and Spousal Support


Child/spousal support is often one of the most confusing aspects of family law for clients. Experience is needed when applying complex state guidelines and confusing statutory factors.

Property Division


When dividing marital property, it is critical to ensure that all property is accounted for and properly valued. 


What can Shorebreak do for you?

Family Law

     Lawyers are expensive. Getting a divorce is expensive. Some cases I have worked on have cost clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, some divorcing couples will spend more on their legal fees than the total amount of the assets that they are fighting over.

     There are plenty of people out there who are comfortable spending all of their money on a lawyer who will obfuscate, attack, annoy, and harass. Just as there are plenty of lawyers out there who will gladly take that money in order to do the same.

     That is not the kind of divorce I want for you, although I am certainly capable of going that route if it is called for. The kind of divorce I want for you is a modern, logical, efficient divorce. The vast majority of dissolutions have straigtforward facts and simple property divisions. 95% of divorces do not go to trial, but rather settle without even needing the services of a judge. Contested, difficult divorces can be traumatizing for children and parents alike. Why subject yourself to that experience if it can be avoided?

     At Shorebreak, I am taking my years of experience in contested litigation, difficult settlement agreements, and arduous discovery and putting them at your disposal. I will never make your case more contentious than it absolutely needs to be. I will prepare for you a clear, concise plan to complete your divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Nobody "wins" in a divorce, but I can help make sure that you don't lose it. Call me for a free phone consultation, and together we can decide if you are a good candidate to meet for a full, in-depth consultation to discuss the facts of your specific case.


An Attorney Who Cares

R. Chris Jackson
Attorney at Law

State Bar Number 297093

Sworn to the California bar in 2014 after finishing his course of study at Whittier Law School, Chris is experienced in all aspects of family law. While in law school, he was a law clerk at a boutique family law firm. He also spent a year as a law clerk at the Orange County District Attorney's office in the Homicide and Juvenile Units. He recieved the CALI award for recieving the highest scores in Community Property. After graduating from law school, Chris continued on at his firm as an associate attorney before joining a respected multistate firm. After spending years practicing for larger, less personal firms, Chris decided that he could better represent his clients by starting his own practice. After years of being involved in bitter, high tension cases, Chris now looks forward to promoting settlement and mediation whenever possible. He is a member of Orange County Bar Association's Family Law Section, a member of the Banyard Inns of Court, and attends numerous continuing legal education seminars every month.

Shorebreak is dedicated to personalized service, undertaken with the utmost care. Your phone call will always be returned. Your questions will always be answered. Your bill is transparent. Hiring an attorney can be a daunting task, but that should not stop you from seeking the representation that you need. Call Chris today for a free phone consultation, and take the first step towards a better life.

Chris was born and raised in Southern California. An avid athlete, Chris found his way to the  United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York to complete his undergraduate studies. After several years sailing the Bering Sea, he settled back in California to attend law school and start a family. He now lives with his wife and young son in Costa Mesa. He enjoys surfing, scuba diving, and playing sports of all kinds.




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