Future Parents!

Approaching the prospect of assisted or third party reproduction can be daunting for anyone. With financial, legal, time, and even social pressures in play, it can seem like an impossible balancing act. With that being said, you will never find a parent who regrets the effort. Whatever stage of the process you find yourself in, or even if you are just exploring your options, Shorebreak Law can help you navigate the process of determining your legal options. Shorebreak has established relationships with agencies, doctors, and mental health professionals which can assist you in your journey from idea to baby!

Assisted reproduction is a true passion for Chris Jackson. He has been surrounded by surrogacy and egg donation since he was a child, and has participated personally as a legal professional since 2014. Since he founded Shorebreak Law, Chris has worked on the legal contracts for hundreds of cases, which has resulted in hundreds of children. Contact Shorebreak Law today to determine what your next step should be.

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