What can Shorebreak do for you?


         Instead of fighting in the courts over every last penny, many resource-minded people are turning to mediation to complete their family law matter. Mediation is a process that can take several forms, but in Family Law matters, it generally proceeds in one of two ways:

                1. The two people involved in the dispute seek out the services of a mediator. This expert then assists the parties in resolving their dispute, providing legal expertise, document production, and facilitating a positive settlement environment. In this situation, neither party is actually represented by an attorney, but any good mediator will always recommend that they seek independent counsel to assist them.

                2. The two people have their own attorneys, and they decide to seek the services of a mediator. This situation often arises when the parties realize that they may need to go to court eventually, but they wish to give mediation an honest try in order to avoid the time and expense of litigation.

        Shorebreak can provide either of these services. It is our goal to promote mediation wherever possible, because there is nothing more frustrating to clients (or many attorneys) than going to trial on matters that ultimately could have been settled amicably beforehand.