Client Testimonials

I was referred to Chris Jackson from a fellow family member who is also an attorney. I was skeptical but my family member assured me that Chris was the best in the business. I was going through a time of confusion and vulnerability. My ex wife took me to court and she had a lawyer but I didn't. The day of seeing the judge I left that court room with nothing except more bills owed to the ex spouse and only 10% child visitation.

When Chris got involved everything changed. Within eight months Chris was able to turn my whole case around. Instead of the ex taking my house, half the business, assets, ect. he was able to put things in my favor. I walked away with 50/50 child visitations, keeping my business, house and all my hard earned assets which I worked my ass of for and on top of all that was able to settle with the ex wife for under 20k.

I'm not much of a guy who gives rave reviews or even take time to write a review but for whoever is reading this know that Chris and his company (Shorebreak Law) are the real deal and can pretty much save you from any situation if you listen to and follow the information he provides. Thank you Chris money or words can’t express my gratitude.

A. O.

Southern California

​My experience with Mr. Jackson proved to be informative and very helpful.  His solutions to my concerns were right on target and easy to implement.  I will use him again in the future.

C. J.

Costa Mesa

Chris is currently my attorney . He is simply amazing. He has always been 100% there. He always gets everything done in a timely manner and is on top of everything. He also very affordable and understanding. Five stars does not do him justice.

K. S.

Huntington Beach

I highly recommend Chris Jackson!
He has been a true support for me during my divorce.
He is kind, considerate and patient, always here for me whenever I have a question or concerns.  He's excellent in communicating.
He made me feel secure that he was always on top of my case.
I'd give him more stars if I could!

Y. G.


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