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"I have worked with Chris Jackson twice now as a surrogate and I cannot day enough amazing things about him. He remembered my preferences from first contract to second and had them all ready to go when we did our phone consultation. They were quick but not rushed. He is efficient and kind and very knowledgeable about Surrogacy and the things that go along with it. He was able to call out some things and explain why I might want to change them, without persuading me. Looking into contracts can't be very daunting and confusing but knowing I work with Chris Jackson I know that I am taken care of. I will continue to use Chris during any other surrogacy journeys I have and would recommend all surrogates use him as well. A good lawyer is just as important as a good RE. Chris is a great one!!"


Valencia, CA 

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"Chris Jackson at Shorebreak Law was AMAZING.  Our contract review was easy and thorough.  He explained things in a way I easily understood, not having a legal background at all.  On top of that, he was very caring and easy to talk to and his passion and experience was evident throughout our multiple conversations. HIGHLY recommended!"


Castaic, CA

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"This is the best attorney out there and has reasonable fees. He doesn't take advantage of you and won't charge you all sorts of fees like other attorney's do. He is prompt at taking care of documents, returning calls, emails and text messages. He fights for what's right and always had my best interest in mind. Chris reviewed documents with me so I completely understood everything and always gave me a fare amount of time to think about things before signing and submitting them in a timely matter. He is patient, kind, courteous and respectful. He is great! Give him a call if you need a good family law attorney. I have already referred and shared his information with friends and family.  I would definitely use his services again."


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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"My consultation with Mr. Jackson proved to be informative and very helpful.  His solutions to my concerns were right on target and easy to implement.  I will use him again in the future."


San Clemente, CA

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"I highly recommend Chris Jackson!
He has been a true support for me...
He is kind, considerate and patient, always here for me whenever I have a question or concerns.  He's excellent in communicating.
He made me feel secure that he was always on top of my case.
I'd give him more stars if I could!"


Anaheim, CA

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"Using Shore break Law was the best decision Ever. I walked into Chris' office feeling defeated and broken... Not only that but he was so AMAZING , CARING and SELFLESS .  I am so thankful I hired him ! He was always there for me didn't matter what day or hour it was. Can't go wrong with this Guy."


Santa Ana, CA

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