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Surrogacy & Fertility

A well versed Attorney that grew up around surrogacy
(his Mother is a 2x Surrogate and Wife is an Egg Donor)
which set the precedence for his expertise and empathetic nurture.

Surrogate Mother 


While many people think that the intended parents are the ones with the biggest legal hurdles, it is also imperative that the surrogate mother has competent and caring counsel of her own. 

Chris Jackson has diligently represented surrogate mothers in: contract reviews, pre-birth orders, and surrogacy journeys since he became an Attorney.

Alongside that, Chris was raised immersed in the world of surrogacy since he was a child. Chris mother was both a traditional and gestational surrogate, carrying a baby boy and  twin girls. She has now been in the field for 20 years as a Surrogate Case Manager for one of the largest agencies in the world. Seeing his mother's continued: passion, efforts and dedication to surrogate mothers has become Chris' foundation and passion, as well.

*Chris pictured with his Mother, who is a 2x Surrogate and
Case Manager for a Surrogacy Agency*


Intended Parents


Approaching the prospect of assisted or third party reproduction can be daunting for anyone. With financial, legal, time, and even social pressures in play, it can seem like an impossible balancing act. With that being said, you will never find a parent who regrets the effort. Whatever stage of the process you find yourself in, or even if you are just exploring your options, Shorebreak Law can help you navigate the process of determining your legal options. Shorebreak has established relationships with: agencies, doctors, and mental health professionals which can assist you in your journey from idea to baby!

Assisted reproduction is a true passion for Chris Jackson. Chris has been surrounded by surrogacy and egg donation since he was a child, and has participated personally as a legal professional since 2014. Since he founded Shorebreak Law, Chris has worked on  legal contracts for hundreds of cases, which has resulted in hundreds of children. Contact Shorebreak Law today to determine what your next step should be.

Smiling Baby


Donation Representation

Egg, sperm, or embyro donation is an integral part of any assisted reproduction story. It allows for homosexual couples or sterile couples to experience the joys of parenthood through the amazing gift of a donor. Many future parents require the use of a donor, and many agencies and clinics are able to provide access to a large database of potential donors. While the contract process is far simpler for donation than surrogacy, it is nonetheless imperative that you have ironclad contracts to protect everyone involved.


Whether you are a donor or future parents seeking the help of a donor, Chris Jackson can help you answer all the legal challenges that may arise.

*Chris pictured here with his Wife who was an egg donor for an International Norwegian couple, her donation helping the couple have 4 children . Assisting his Wife (then girlfriend) with her medical appointments and injections helped Chris have a hands on experience with the medical side of egg donation* 

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