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  • Christina Tran

Do Surrogates get attached to the baby?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

This is an extremely prevalent question. Please be mindful that the media shares the most rarest forms of surrogacy cases. It has only been a few times, amongst decades of the ever evolving surrogacy world, that a Surrogate had trouble relinquishing the baby to the Intended Parents.

Therefore, Surrogates do not get attached to the baby.

Why? Numerous factors.

  1. The most common form of surrogacy practiced today is Gestational Carrier, meaning the Surrogate is not biologically related to the baby (not utilizing her own eggs. It is the egg of the Intended Mother or Egg Donor = separate woman).

  2. Surrogates are screened extensively throughout the intake process. Almost all Surrogates do not want additional children, but rather are so satisfied with their own children that they want to help spread the same parenthood joy to Intended Parents.

  3. During the entire process, Case Managers counsel Surrogates, with constant communication with the Intended Parents, fostering a genuine bond; therefore, furthering a selfless desire to relinquish the baby to the Intended Parents upon delivery.

In Surrogacy, all parties involved genuinely want the best for one another by providing their upmost care and generosity. Surrogacy is a tremendously beautiful journey and only those with the best intentions are able to embark on it.

Christina Tran

Surrogacy Professional

B.S. Leadership, Human Resources Management

Juris Doctor Candidate, Fertility Law

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